I’ll just keep it to myself.

Vi a She & Him tocar en vivo una vez, el año pasado. Aunque no hay ninguna química entre la preciosa Zooey Deschanel y sus fans, ni tan si quiera entre ella y su compañero M. Ward (o yo no vi ninguna en ese concierto en particular), este grupo siempre consigue animarme. Han publicado dos discos, “Volume One” y “Volume Two”. Aquí está su último vídeo, “Don’t Look Back”.

I saw She & Him playing live once, last year. Although there’s no chemistry at all between the beautiful Zooey Deschanel and the fans, or even between her and her partner in crime M. Ward (or I didn’t see it in that particular show), this band always manages to cheer me up. They’ve published two albums “Volume One” and “Volume Two”. Here’s their last video, “Don’t Look Back”.




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