Today I have read a blog entry of someone stating their opinion about a fandom I am part of. It was very well written, but quite contradictory on itself, if you stop and think about it.

This blogger proclaimed their individuality and their right to stand by their own opinion, not willing to participate on projects started by other fans. The writer felt as if -and I quote- “The individuality, free will and freedom of choice somehow seems stripped.”.

Here lays what I think is the key problem: in my opinion, this blogger was doing that exact same thing he/she was complaining about. It is perfectly understandable and valid if you don’t want to participate on something because the reasons seem hollow and double-meant. It is your choice and it must be respected by everyone. Then, why that whole post was about judging the actions of others?

That’s it: generalization. What bothers me of that blog is that it seems that the only genuine decision is his/hers, to not participate. The ones who willingly take part of any initiative, are all trying to catch their idol’s attention, or make up for others’ mistakes. I have my own opinion, as that blogger has. I refuse to be leveled as a brain-less fangirl burdened with the glorious purpose of  the artist’s acknowledge. I am an individual, not part of a generalization.

And so is everyone else, in that fandom and in life in general. We are entitled to have our points of view and opinions. It is a free world and, fortunately, we can express ourselves with liberty. What we can’t do is bring other’s down in order to express ourselves as the right option.

That is generalization. And generalization kills any sense of liberty an individual aspires to have. And kills the fun in life.




  1. You know… I think all men are islands. This is also their individuality.
    When we get together, we may merge into a continent, and that is generalization -that force that destroys individuality. We fuse because it feels so sad and lonely to be an island, and we surrender what makes us who we are, in exchange for a little warmth.
    But we have another option. We can form an archipelago. We’ll always feel a little lonely, as an archipelago. But we can be together in our individualities, without destroying each other.

    I know I am an island. I’ve given up fusing into a continent: I’ll always be a little cold.
    But I love being part of the fandom, because we make a wondrous archipelago. In this context, I feel free to trend without feeling I’m being fagocitated into something bigger.

    As Hamlet says: “the play’s the thing”. ;)

  2. Islands only can be part of a continent if they let it swallow them. But, naturally, islands together only form archipelagos, they never lose their individuality even if they are part of the group ;)

    Lovely reflexion, thank you! x


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