On beliefs, principles, kindness and respect.


Our beliefs and principles don’t define us, our actions do. Be kind, be nice, respect. That is credibility, that is integrity.

I have witnessed so many things in the past few months that have changed how I see life and people. I’ve suffered along with my family the terror that is cancer. I’ve read mean words camouflaged behind a freedom of choice speech. Judgments, offences, accusations, selfishness.

As my mother has told me several times lately: “you can’t expect others to react the same way as you would; otherwise you will always feel disappointed.”

We are living in a –supposedly- free world, where every individual is expected to accept and respect everyone’s choices and beliefs, even when exactly the opposite. Then why in the name of that, people attack, belittle and try to ridicule others? Why can’t it be:

– I think you are mistaken.

– That’s ok, I think you are mistaken too.

And move on. Is it that difficult to really be understanding, tolerant and kind?

For example, I have a Christian friend who’s suffering attacks for what she believes in. I don’t agree with her at all, but she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She isn’t judgmental. Sometimes, she expresses her thoughts, what she thinks is right or wrong, but would never condemn or shun anybody. Because she is kind. However, there are some persons that in the name of freedom and equality are trying to drown her in a pool of hatred. She expressed her opinion, and they are using theirs to shun her. Where’s the equality, the tolerance we all want to ourselves in that situation?

There are billions of different human beings in this world, with their own beliefs, principles and feelings. Intolerance makes all those lives very difficult.



  1. Me alegra ver que escribes de nuevo, aunque me ponga triste ver qué ha pasado este tiempo. te envío muchos besos. está claro que a mí me ha pasado muchísimas veces que me hayan decepcionado personas a mí alrededor. al final te creas una coraza para que no vuelvan a herirte más…

  2. Han sido unas semanas bastante duras, y aunque tenía muchas ideas, no tenía ni ganas ni acceso a internet fácil. Pero ahora todo está bastante mejor y las ideas siguen ahí. Ya veremos qué sale ;)


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