Jumping into puddles.

Today has been raining cats and dogs and very cold, even with some snow in a few areas of Barcelona city. My kind of day, as I love my wellies, rain, cold and jumping into puddles. The overcast sky was beautiful, so here it is today’s sunset with a song by the amazing band Sigur Rós. It’s called “Hoppípolla”, which means “jumping into puddles”. Appropriate song is appropriate.

Hoy ha llovido a mares y ha hecho mucho frío, incluso ha nevado en algunas áreas de Barcelona. Mi tipo de día, ya que adoro mis botas de agua, la lluvia, el frío y saltar en los charcos. El cielo encapotado era precioso, así que aquí está el atardecer de hoy con una canción del maravilloso grupo Sigur Rós. Se llama “Hoppípolla”, que significa “saltando en charcos”. La perfecta canción es perfecta.



  1. I loved the evolution of the blues in the sky in this…and the way the wisps of cloud moved with the music. Another beautiful sunset.


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