Editorial statement.

It seems fitting that the post number 100 of this little blog is both a celebration and a small presentation of the author’s opinion on life itself, and mine in particular.

As a 28 years young woman, my role in society would be that of a young professional, independent and active. Sadly, those pre-established roles didn’t count with a worldwide crisis and with Spain being in one of the worst periods of its history. So here I am, a 28 years young woman with unfinished university studies for lack of income, unemployed and filled with doubts.

I might not know exactly what I want in life, but I do know what I don’t want. I don’t criticize for the sake of it, and I am not always pointing the bad out of people, or even mocking them. I know I am not successful, but I am trying to make my way in this world and my only aspiration is to support myself without owning anything to anyone and be happy. It all comes down to the word “self”. No one can make me happier than myself, I must treat others as I would like to be treated myself,  I must respect myself so others will too. And the most important message is above, in this video by Seb Lester: believe in yourself. Taking care of myself is something that no economic crisis, no lack of money, no unemployment will take away from me.

All of these deliberations bring me to the following conclusion: life will not be a competition anymore, no one is better than me and I am not better than anyone. Life will just be me being the best myself I can be. Surely there is room for that in pre-established society’s roles?


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