Real layers.

When you move far away from home, from what you’ve known for 28 years, it is very easy to lose yourself. Not in the literal sense – although that is bound to happen too. It is easy to question your motives, to doubt your strength and to be on the verge of giving up. It is the perfect opportunity to know yourself, too. To really get to know yourself inside out, to accept who you are, to realise what you really want, and to open your mind and your heart. To become real.

I have two rings that keep the promises I made to myself in the front of my mind. I got a Wonder Woman keychain to remind myself that I am doing something very brave and that I should be very proud of myself at all times. I have tokens, and I have what matters, too. I like to keep my friends close and talk to them constantly about everything and anything because I value those friendships and the time they all take to talk to me and be my friends. I love and miss my family, but still have them a text away. I cherish that. I also have something sporadic. It doesn’t happen often, but there are some nice words here and there that, to me, are something meaningful because I feel lucky. An addition to a life already filled with all the positive things that I love. And I have all these things because I am real. By being real, I have become special. By keeping things real and treating every single person I encounter as real people, things have fallen into place naturally. As a dear friend said: “It’s about building the layers of your life.”



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