All these things that I’ve done.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.
Pablo Picasso.
The Spanish artist made quite a bold statement, but there is a bit of truth within it. It is only through copying others that one can find their own way. But copying isn’t comparing you to others, and that has to be clear. Copying needs to be a form of inspiration, the beginning of our own and unique version.
This past week I’ve met new people and witnessed the every-day life of friends. I’ve had time to myself, to explore outside and to re-discover myself inside. We can dream and think of perfect lives and ideal worlds, but when it comes to reality, we must leave dreams aside and work on living a way that allows us to go to sleep with a smile in our faces and without a regret in our consciences. 
A good friend recommended me a book titled “59 seconds“, by Richard Wiseman. It explores the art of writing a diary, small gestures of kindness and thinking assertive in order to reach the goals we set ourselves. This is one of my favourite quotes so far.
Expressing gratitude, thinking about a perfect future and affectionate writing have been scientifically proven to work, and all they require is a pen, a piece of paper and a few moments of your time.
In fewer words, be sincere, real and express yourself.

The universe in your hands.

Tumblr is the best place to discover things that you like and didn’t even know they existed. It is an alternative world filled with interesting, funny, unique people with no fear of showing their loves, likes, dislikes and desires. 

Tonight, browsing my dashboard, I stumbled upon some beautiful photographs of handmade jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with a vintage look, made by Polina and Sergei (Kiev, Ukraine). You can find all their beautiful work on their Etsy shop, BeautySpot.

What I like the most is the uniqueness of every piece: as they are handmade, there are no two alike. 

Do you like unique things, with a personal touch? Or do you prefer more expensive jewelry?

All the photographs are from here and here.

Esther Voltà, pintura y complementos.

Mientras en una parte de Barcelona el Primavera Sound atraía a medio planeta, yo enseñaba a mi amiga Celia uno de mis rincones favoritos de la ciudad. Paseando por las calles del barrio de Gracia, encontramos una tienda llamada Sho. Celia compró una camiseta y se llevó una caja de regalo. Yo compré un espejito. Lo bonito del espejito es que Esther Voltà lo ha adornado con Pepita, una de sus creaciones. Al fondo de la tienda había una exposición con cuadros preciosos creados por ella.

While on the other side of Barcelona, the Primavera Sound festival attracted half of the world’s popualation, I showed one of my favorite places of the city to my friend Celia. Walking around Gracia, we found a shop named Sho. Celia bought a t-shirt and got a box. I bought a small mirror. What was beautiful of said mirror was that Esther Voltà had adorned it with Pepita, one of her creations. At the back of the shop there was an exhibition of her paintings.

Esther Voltà es una pintora y diseñadora de complementos en los que plasma las caritas de sus muñecas, todas con ojos enormes y muy expresivos. Con un toque a lo Tim Burton, la obra de Esther está empapada de toques vintage y abre una puerta a ese mundo imaginario que todos alguna vez hemos visitado.

Esther Voltà is a painter and a complements designer, where she gives live to her dolls, all of them with very big and expressive eyes. With a Tim Burton touch, Esther’s work is drown in vintage and opens a door to that imaginary world where we all have been sometime.

La nena.

2009 – 2011

I’m sure someone out there will understand how heartbroken and sad I’m feeling. I listen her meows and see her everywhere, I see my other cat looking for her around the house, I can’t stop the tears when I come back home and don’t see her right there greeting me. This is such a depressing post, but will remain here forever because she was my little thing. And just four days changed everything.