Tiny Doors.

Life can be quite amazing sometimes. In a matter of weeks, my future changed from black to a light grey, something I couldn’t have even imagined at the beginning of summer. But changes can be terrifying too, and these days are a mix of excitement and fear. Am I doing the right thing? Will it work out? Trying my best to squash that annoying voice in my head, to quiet down all the noise in there. But it becomes too much sometimes, the squeaky demon living up there can be too powerful. 

Luckily, there are songs that take over everything and give me peace. Like “Tiny Doors” by Hiatus. I talked about it here, and now it’s the soundtrack to my last sunset, filmed in what soon will be my hometown but not my home



Someone once wondered what the world would be like if everybody walked their talk; if word was married with deed; promises delivered by action. It would be a very ugly world these days, if that were the case. Most of the people around us are egoistical creatures. We all are egoistical creatures in the end. 

I’ve been feeling the need to disappear, to take a break. An hiatus. But from what? I’ve been doing nothing for three years! I need a break of doing nothing. I need something, a sparkle, a little push. Wether willingly or not, days pass by in a blur of nothing. Words are thought, scenes are imagined, ideas are treasured. Actions are inexistent. Sometimes my actions, sometimes others’ actions, sometimes life’s actions. 

Tiny Doors by Hiatus.

It is like sitting on a bench in a park. Watching people come and go. A dog chasing a bird, a kid playing ball. The mother watching closely as the daughter comes down the slide, her laughter traveling in the air. Laughter that scrapes a smile on your face. What’s better that a kid’s laughter? I think there is something better: the feeling caused you being the reason that has made that kid laugh. Because even then, we are egoistical creatures. In the end.

Jumping into puddles.

Today has been raining cats and dogs and very cold, even with some snow in a few areas of Barcelona city. My kind of day, as I love my wellies, rain, cold and jumping into puddles. The overcast sky was beautiful, so here it is today’s sunset with a song by the amazing band Sigur Rós. It’s called “Hoppípolla”, which means “jumping into puddles”. Appropriate song is appropriate.

Hoy ha llovido a mares y ha hecho mucho frío, incluso ha nevado en algunas áreas de Barcelona. Mi tipo de día, ya que adoro mis botas de agua, la lluvia, el frío y saltar en los charcos. El cielo encapotado era precioso, así que aquí está el atardecer de hoy con una canción del maravilloso grupo Sigur Rós. Se llama “Hoppípolla”, que significa “saltando en charcos”. La perfecta canción es perfecta.